You may be wondering who Olivia’s La Cala are. Well, we are a few things! We are a restaurant, but not just any restaurant. Situated in La Cala De Mijas, we are the Costa Del Sol’s one and only TV Party restaurant.

This means that we add elements to your fine dining experience that we know you’re not going to find anywhere else. In short, we’re the trendiest place to be this summer. We are right on the beach, so your views are nothing short of spectacular, and we’re also opening a new champagne and seafood bar opening on 11th May with 180º panoramic views of this beautiful beach.

Sponsored by Moet Chandon, Olivia’s La Cala is the brainchild of our very own Elliot Wright, and so far it is proving to be big hit with fine diners and partygoers from the Costa Del Sol.


What are we offering you?

At Olivia’s La Cala we believe in dining in style. We pull out all the stops to make your experience about not only amazing food – which we guarantee – but a delight for the senses too. That means top class service, luxury stylish surroundings and carefully chosen live music to get you in the party mood.

If you want a party, look no further. Olivia’s La Cala will bring the party to your table, so you can get settled in and relaxed knowing the whole night is going to land in your lap. This means that you can pull out your most treasured outfit, book into the hairdressers and splash on your favourite scent… It’s time to ‘let your hair down!’

We’re confident that when you discover Olivia’s La Cala is the place to be, you may well want to have us all to yourselves. If you’re looking to hire a party venue in Marbella, look no further.


How will you start your night?

If you ask us, it’s with our delectable international menu of meticulously designed and lovingly prepared dishes. The only hard part is in the choosing. How about a plate of curried scallops or vanilla poached pear to start, followed by a juicy rack of lamb for the carnivores or feta quinoa for the vegetable-oriented among you? Oh, and our sushi selections are a force to be reckoned with. Don’t just take our word for it – make a reservation!

Sundays can be serene, and if you’re looking for a post-party refuel, you can get your teeth into our fabulous Sunday Roast. Our dessert menu is simply… well, how about we let you decide.

This will of course be accompanied by some of our tantalizing beverages on the drinks menu. If you want to push the boat out, you could order a delicious glass of Moet Chandon, or perhaps you’ll be more at home with our ‘cocktail of the week’. The choice is yours.


What makes us different?

There’s a reason that Olivia’s La Cala is the kind of restaurant to get dressed up for. If you love to rub shoulders with those who take style and glamour seriously, and you love to have fun and meet celebrities, you are going to very much at home with us!

We love to party just as much as you do; life is a celebration as far as we are concerned, so our intention is to keep that party going. Our live music includes Robbie Williams and Barry White and Adele tributes; a whole mix of different styles. One thing we can guarantee is talent!

Our dedication to fun is the reason we’re bringing you an event not to be missed. Olivia’s La Cala hold the first party of its kind on the Costa Del Sol, and you are unlikely to forget it in a hurry – no stone has been left unturned in terms of entertainment!


Join our exciting televised celebration on 27th April

Brazilian Carnival infused white party

(Sponsored by Moet Chandon White Ice Imperial)

Wednesday 27th April 2016 at 19:30

This ITV televised event is a celebration that will mark the beginning of something special. Several special things in fact! The beginning of this wonderful summer on the Costa Del Sol for one. It is also happening to mark the launch of an exciting new surprise to be launched in the coming weeks; something that means you’ll be seeing much more of our one and only Elliot Wright! But… you’ll need to come along to find out what it is.

Glitz, glamour and entertainment are the words of the day. You’ll be seduced by the exotic moves of Brazilian Samba dancers, Capoerias and Kariokas, as well as pole dancing acrobats, a magician and many more astonishing entertainers.

This will be accompanied by the best of the best live music to continue for the entire night, kicked off by the brilliant Cool Fire.


Where do you sign?

It’s simple to get in on this action. Tickets are 20€ per person, which is your and a free glass of Moet Chandon White Ice Imperial. Call 952494935, email us on or visit our Facebook page to book your place.